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Based in Bedfordview giving you all the hobbyist beekeepers needs from advice, equipment and training! I am your A to Buzz Shop! James

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Here you can buy beekeeping products and equipment your A-buzz shop Budget contious

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The courier and collection options are Courier Guy, Pudo or you can collect in Bedfordview

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I also offer a comprehensive beekeeping course where I will give you all the tips, tricks. learning as we go. Great bee Whatsapp group afterwards

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Beekeeping- Promoting smoking since 1873

Interesting Honey Fact

Honey water and yeast makes mead. Mead, is a centuries-old beverage that comes to life through the harmonious marriage of honey, water, and yeast creating a delicious drink. in store ask for a taste

Interesting Bee Fact

Drones (male bees) have 16 chromosomes, can not sting and come from an unfertilized egg. Unli

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Training Course Available!

A full morning of learning with practical work included. I was a Senior Aviation instructor at SAA Technical for 22 years. Teaching is truly my passion as well as being a beekeeper. I will give you tons of tips, tricks and the knowledge needed to understand these fascinating little insects if you are considering taking up beekeeping as a hobby or even branching out into something new. To quickly add yourself to the next course group click the link right here!

Beekeeping Videos

I have a bunch of YouTube video you can watch.

Need help in choosing the right bee products or equipment?

Please contact me on WhatsApp or call me directly. My number and other details will be on the contact page. Directions click the link to the left that says ask for help to get there (by appointment only please). Feel free to contact me and ask questions. I will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. You are more than welcome to pop in for a cup of coffee and talk bees. Check if I am available.

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