Beekeeping Training

Want to learn more about these fascinating creatures? Come for training!

Beekeeping Workshop

Full morning learning with practical work included. I am a Senior Aviation instructor at SAA technical for the past 22 years. Teaching is my passion as well as being a beekeeper. When learning about bees and there are 3 beekeepers, you will have 5 opinions! I will give you tips, tricks and the knowledge needed to understand these fascinating little insects if you are considering taking up beekeeping as a hobby or branching out into something new. There are hundreds of questions: Where to start, budget, time of year and so on.

Local Insights and Practical Training

The internet has a lot of information, yet the main source is USA based. Our African bee has great production levels and some defensive traits. There are only 2 types of bees in South Africa…but more of that on the day. The course at hand covers: About the bee, DAFF (GP071), tooling, safety, Hives (why not a Flow hive for a first hive), honey, swarm catching, pests, handling bees and lots more, as well as a practical hands-on demonstration free suit rental. Costs are kept as low as possible and even tho space is limited, all are welcome. Feel free to add yourself to the next course group by clicking the link right here. It’ll take you straight to the WhatsApp group. The next dates to join are visible in the description of the WhatsApp group. If you would like to email me instead to find out more about the training course before you join the WhatsApp group, click the link right here.
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