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Having problems with Bees? I can help with that

Safe Bee-Friendly Removals

Bee removal is both dangerous and exhilarating at the same time. I have teamed up with A and J Bee Removals  We don’t kill bees, we re-home them into a new hive. (Please report anyone who says that bees cannot be removed safely and they have to be killed) . Scout bees are worker bees sent out a few days before to look for a new home, if disturbed they will most likely reject the spot they are looking at. Block air bricks with tin foil or use jay fluid or smoke ONLY if the bees have not moved in. Grab a capture box for your yard. (Placing a beehive next to an established colony will not make them move home). Click one of the two numbers to get in touch.

Bee Removal Services: Spring Specials and Hands-On Experience

Swarms start moving in spring most of the time, and capture boxes work well if you have an ongoing problem with them. I would be happy to assist you Call out start at R1500 unfortunately, there is a cost involved fuel surcharge after 10km from Bedfordview. 2022 spring September Special R900 for water meters, pool pumps, where access to the comb is easy. I will place the bees and comb into a hive, hoping to find the queen. Leaving the hive for at least a week afterwards adds less stress to the bees and helps them get used to their new digs. Pick up of the bees will happen at night, so no bees are lost during the move. At a height, Inside walls roofs (trap outs take extensive time with many visits) breaking open the walls is often needed starting at R1500. On removals, we have spare suits available, so you can suit up and see how it’s done and maybe even learn how to do it yourself. Children are also more than welcome to watch. (Disclaimer, you may get stung). Feel free to book a call.

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